About us


BAG UP is the simple and practical solution for those who don't want to see their wallet or bags scattered around the car.

If you're thinking about how it works, see if you recognize any of these situations: the moment when you had to make that unexpected braking or a tighter turn that catapulted your wallet and everything inside to the floor; that made the cell phone that was on the seat jump to that narrow side where it is impossible to put your hand, or that made the bag that had your dinner topple over. Has it ever happened to you?

Well, with BAG UP these sad episodes are over. Just put the BAG UP elastic around the passenger seat so that from that moment on, you can securely fasten what you want. And you don't even need to remove the elastic after using!

Entirely produced in Portugal, the BAG UP is a brand that uses sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and packaging. It was created during the pandemic and confinement so that, now that we are all back out, we can ride in a car with much more comfort.